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26, May 2021


  • Share Samadhan acts as IEPF Consultant for recovery of shares and dividend from IEPF. We provide end to end consultancy starting from dealing with company, RTA to fulfilling all the formalities with IEPF.


  • Being an IEPF Consultant, we endeavour to provide seamless experience to our client with minimum inconvenience to client


  • If the dividends are not claimed by investor for 7 years, dividend as well as shares pertaining to such dividend would be transferred to IEPF


  • As an IEPF consultant, we ensure that client does not have to go through the cumbersome and bureaucratic process of  legal formalities at government department


  • Though IEPF claim filling is an online process, but numerous documentation has to be done before filling the claim and there are lot of communications to be done with RTA


  • Once all the communication and formality is complete with RTA and then Company, they issue Entitlement Letter and on the basis of which IEPF is filled


  • Thus though we act as IEPF consultant, our work involves dealing not only with IEPF, but RTA, company and other authorities as well


  • Claim from IEPF is a time consuming process as claimant need to establish his authenticity at various stages with RTA, company and then IEPF and approvals and verifications are done at various stages


  • If the investor is deceased, then legal heirs need to first prove their heirship and then only company would entertain their claim. This is a legal process and Share Samadhan also assists in getting the Succession Certificate or Probate of Will from court


  • Before filling the claim with IEPF, investor need to ensure that address and signature of claimant is updated with company else IEPF may reject the claim


  • The formality for IEPF claim would be different if the claimant is not having possession of original shares. In that case, claimant have to additionally comply with formalities of duplicate issue of shares


  • We take care of all the formalities which are involved in variety of IEPF cases and therefore we are a single window solution for IEPF claim

For any query, please feel to reach out to us at samadhan@sharesamadhan.com


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