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04, May 2021


IEPF claim is a process to claim the share of investor from a fund of Government called Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)

Many of the investor in India is grappling with question about How to claim share from IEPF?


Following is the detailed process of IEPF claim :

  1. Claimant need to first write to RTA (Registrar & Transfer Agent) of the company to get the confirmation of shares and dividend being transferred to IEPF.
    1. How to get the name of RTA of a company :
      1. One can go to investor section of the company
      2. Name of the RTA is also available in BSE / NSE website
  2. If the RTA confirms the shares and dividend being transferred to IEPF, claimant needs to ask RTA to provide Entitlement Letter in his favour for claim of shares from IEPF
  3. RTA will give Entitlement Letter only after establishing authenticity of claimant by asking the claimant to provide his KYC documents, Share Certificates, signature verification etc.
  4. If the Claimant does not have Original Share Certificate with him / her, then RTA will ask to carry procedure of duplicate issue of shares before issuing Entitlement Letter
  5. If investor is deceased and claimant is a legal heir, then RTA would additionally ask legal documents like Succession Certificate, Probate of Will, Legal Heir Certificate to establish the authenticity as legal heir. Further Claimant will have to fulfil procedure of Transmission as well.
  6. Once Entitlement Letter is received after all the above process, Claimant need to file IEPF-5 form online on the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal by creating a login.
  7. Claimant need to fill all the relevant details like PAN, Aadhar, Dividend details, shares details, Demat account details, Bank account details and also attach the Entitlement letter, bank and demat details in the form
  8. After submission of form, Advance Reciept and Indemnity Bond will be generated and claimant need to send these duly signed documents along with other claim documents to the Nodal Officer of the Company.
  9. After Nodal officer receives the claim documents, he scrutinises and if he finds any deficiency, nodal officer informs the claimant to remove discrepancy.
  10. After all the documents are found in order by Nodal Officer, he files an E-Verification Report to approve the claim by company. E-verification report has to be filed within 30 days of filling of claim.
  11. After E-Verification Report is filed, IEPF authority again scrutinises the claim documents and if department finds any discrepancy it sends mail to Claimant and Company to remove the discrepancy.
  12. After IEPF department finds all the claim documents in order, it goes through various level of approvals within department and then claim is approved
  13. After approval of claim by IEPF, shares and dividends are credited into the demat and bank account of claimant.

Should you have any of the following question then please feel free to reach out to us at samadhan@sharesamadhan.com for any of the assistance

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