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4 Steps to Recover HDFC Shares From IEPF

17, Apr 2024
4 Steps to Recover HDFC Shares From IEPF

Many Indians invest in shares of companies and unfortunately forget about them. In certain cases, they expire and fail to initiate the share transfer process. To initiate the share recovery, one will need to follow the process or steps laid out by the IEPF.

The IEPF is a national body created by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to deal with unclaimed shares, dividends, refunds, etc.

In this blog, we will look at how to get back the unclaimed shares transferred to IEPF. Follow the process carefully and reclaim your HDFC shares quickly.

4 Steps To Recover HDFC Shares from IEPF

If you want to recover or claim your HDFC shares from the IEPF, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: File An Application With The IEPF

As a claimant, you will need to apply to the IEPF for the recovery of your shares, dividends, etc.

This can be done online via the MCA portal.

You can claim the following and more from the IEPF. Take a look.

  • Shares
  • Unclaimed Dividend
  • Matured Deposits
  • Matured Debentures
  • Application money due for refund
  • Sale proceeds of fractional shares
  • Redemption proceeds of preference shares

If you are looking to reclaim HDFC shares, apply to the IEPF-5 form on the online portal. Listed below are some of the information you will need to supply to complete the application.

  • Personal details of the applicant/claimant
  • Details of the company from which the amount is due including the CIN.
  • The details of the shares
  • Details of the dividend amount to be claimed
  • Aadhaar number for Indian citizens
  • Passport/OCI/PIO card number in case of the NRI or foreigner
  • Details of the bank account which is linked to the Aadhaar where the claim would be credited.
  • Demat account number

Step 2: Submitting the Claim Form IEPF-5 To HDFC

Once the claim form has been filled out, a physical copy of the IEPF-5 form needs to be submitted to the company’s IEPF Nodal Office or Registrar. In this case, you will need to submit the form to HDFC’s IEPF Nodal Officer.

Along with a copy of the signed IEPF-5 form, you will need to add hard copies of the following documents as well.

  • Copy of the acknowledgment with the SRN
  • Original indemnity bond which has been signed by the claimant on non-judicial stamp paper
  • The advance stamped receipt which has been signed by the claimant and witnesses
  • Original share certificate for physical shares. In the case of Demat accounts you will need a copy of transaction statements.
  • Aadhaar card
  • Proof of entitlement, that is, the certificate of share, etc
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Copy of the Demat account’s client master list
  • Passport/OCI/PIO in case of NRIs and foreigners

Step 3: Submission of Claim Form To The IEPF Authority

Once you have submitted the claim form to the company, in this case, HDFC, they will need to prepare a verification report within 15 days and submit it to IEPF authorities along with the documentation that was prepared in the 2nd step.

Step 4: Refund of Claim By The IEPF

Once the company has verified and prepared the verification report, they will have to send it to the IEPF Authorities. The IEPF has to decide on the case within 60 days. Once the IEPF has decided on a refund for the claimant the money will be credited to the claimant’s Demat account.

Issues That Prevent The Recovery of Shares

There are many pitfalls on the way to reclaim your shares. Be aware of the following hurdles:

  1. Failure to update your contact information such as the phone number, address, nominee details, etc.
  2. Damage or loss of physical share certificates
  3. Failure to submit the transfer of deeds.
  4. Having a mismatch in the signatures
  5. Not complying with stipulated regulatory requirements

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