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How We Can Help You

Share Samadhan Provides consultancy in claim of shares from IEPF (Investor Education & Protection Fund, Govt of India) where shares and dividend have been transferred to Govt.

If dividends are unclaimed for continuous 7 years, the dividend as well as shares pertaining to those dividend are transferred to IEPF, an authority under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India.

Once the shares are transferred to IEPF, the investor needs to complete the numerous formalities to get this entitlement and then approach the Nodal officer of the company to get the verification from company and then ultimately approach IEPF to claim the shares.

For holding in each separate company, separate claims have to be filed and co-ordination has to be done with Registrar, Company and IEPF as explained above.

The claim has to be filed online and then physical documents have to be sent by investor to authorities, which are processed and approved by them at various levels.